Advent of Vue

24 Vue coding challenges delivered one-per-day via email


Advent Of Vue is a set of Holiday-themed coding puzzles that revolve around building small-scale Vue components and applications.

Every day from December 1 to December 24, you receive an email with a problem description, additional screenshots and/or recordings of a target application, as well as a starter project on Stackblitz, which serves as a baseline for your solution.

It doesn't matter if you're just getting started with this framework or if you're a seasoned developer. This event is for everyone who wants to test their Vue skills by applying them in a wide variety of fun scenarios.

Meet The Team

Advent Of Vue was made possible by these amazing people:

Matt Maribojoc's avatar

Matt Maribojoc

Vue Storefront DX Team and creator of LearnVue
Michael Thiessen's avatar

Michael Thiessen

Vue content creator and educator
Jessica Sachs's avatar

Jessica Sachs

Staff Software Engineer at PathAI
Marc Backes's avatar

Marc Backes

DevRel Lead at WeAreDevelopers
Daniel Kelly's avatar

Daniel Kelly

Lead Instructor at Vue School
Konstantin Bifert's avatar

Konstantin Bifert

Bridges' builder for the Vue community
Markus Oberlehner's avatar

Markus Oberlehner

Creator of vue-lazy-hydration library
Maciej Pędzich's avatar

Maciej Pędzich

Vuenthusiast commonly known as "Mac"

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